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Hundreds of practice questions

Study little-by-little with countless 5-question, timed practice tests

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Learn TEAS topics faster

Learn TEAS 7 topics faster

Interactive practice tests w/ detailed solutions that help you learn as you go.

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64 TEAS study guides that you can recreate

Short summary notes, not mountains of text, on the most important parts of every topic. You just need to pass this test, not become an expert in it.

TEAS questions like the real exam

Questions like the real exam

We carefully built our questions to match the tone and style of the questions you will see on the real ATI TEAS test.

TEAS questions like the real exam

Blind spots be gone: Get analytics to spot your strengths & weaknesses

Use our analytics dashboard to help you identify which sections of the test you are the most ready for and which sections you need to study more on.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is TestBeach better than other TEAS prep materials I already have?

Multiple reasons:
1. TestBeach is way more affordable than others.
2. Practice questions done on TestBeach link to your analytics dashboard, which analyzes your test data so you know which specific test topics you shine in (and where to sharpen).
3. TestBeach is built specifically for busy students. We only show you what you need to know and no more. A lot of prep material out there will show you hours and hours of lecture videos and mountains of text to read. We think that's unproductive. Our goal is to teach you enough to score well on the TEAS, not make you an expert in it.
4. Our questions are peer-reviewed. A lot of questions you see out there, especially the free ones, who knows where they came from. They could be over topics that are no longer asked on the TEAS. We focus on quality learning over quantity learning here at TestBeach.

Does my membership automatically renew?

Nope. You don't have to worry about canceling because your purchase will not automatically renew. If later on you decide you want to add more time to your account, you can buy more access time.

Can I access my purchase from my computer and my phone?

Yes, just go to the TestBeach website from any device and you will be able to see your test prep material.

What's included with the purchase?

Interactive practice tests with hundreds of practice questions with very nice detailed solutions, 64 visual study guides covering all the TEAS topics, and a test analytics dashboard.

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